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Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Recent GO-TO Look =)

I know I haven't posted in a while, but a lot has been going on! 
Recently, I've just been rocking the same flat-twist hairstyle! It literally is my go-to look and I love it ! If you haven't tried it yet, you definitely should! It lasts about 5 days and only takes about 35 minutes to do! 
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[this is how the curls look at the end of the week! disregard my face, I was tired at work & forcing a smile lol]

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Woman Crush Wednesday !


Solange Knowles hands down is my woman crush! She's always rockin her natural hair and I love her boho, hippie, modern style. I want both her closet & hair stylist too! 

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Twist Out ?!?

So, the bantu knot out that I was previously doing on my hair didn't last very long and since I wake up early for work every morning, I need a style that is very low maintenance. That's why I decided to try a twist out. Plus, I was in need of a change... 

The Process

Below you can check out my favorite natural YouTuber "donedo5" complete a tutorial for this hairstyle!! Make sure you subscribe to her channel! She always makes awesome videos & gives great advice. 


Before I even attempted to do the style I detangled my hair and twisted each piece to move it out of the way while I was detangling the rest of my head. Afterwards, I co-washed it with the Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner. 
This is what the hairstyle looked like after I flat twisted my hair and placed it in the perm rods which I bought for 99 cents at my local beauty supply store. :) 
 This is what the curls looked like the next morning after I removed the rollers. The flat twists are still in my head. I used argan oil to moisturize each curl and to prevent my hair from drying out mid-week.
The finished result!!! I love the way that it turned out. Personally, I think this style is way easier than bantu knots! Hopefully it lasts for a while & I think the overnight results are going to make it look even better. It'll have the more carefree and effortless kind of feel.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bantu Knot Out Results on 6 months Post Relaxer Hair

My 1st Ever Bantu Knot !

This was my first time doing a bantu knot out. I had become fascinated with the style after seeing numerous YouTubers make tutorials and styling videos on this unique hairstyle. Once I got the opportunity to do the bantu knot on my own hair, I was completely excited. Below are the results from Day One with this style to Day 16. 
My Bantu Knot ... In order to achieve this look, my hair was freshly washed with a Suave Shampoo and conditioned with Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner. Afterwards, I detangled my hair and added Pantene Curly Pudding to each section of my bantu knot.
The next morning upon untwisting the bantu knot. As you can see, the Pantene Curly Pudding left a flaky, yet manageable residue in my hair. 
I unraveled each bantu knot to get this desired, fluffy and full look. There was a tad bit of frizz from fluffing up the hair.
About day 3... The curls are still perfectly in place.. They looked more relaxed,  care-free, and effortless.
This was Day 7. The Bantu Knot out lasted exactly one full week. Even at this point there were still curls intact. However, the back of my head had fallen flat and need to be redone. I'm wearing a beanie cap in this picture to cover up the back. 

My 2nd Bantu Knot...

My second bantu knot was a complete disappointment. I was expecting the same results, but my curls turned out nothing like they did the first time. From this trial I learned that you can't achieve the same hairstyle twice-- each time it will turn out different. For this bantu knot my hair wasn't freshly washed. On Day 7, all I did was mist my hair with water, saturate my hair with the Pantene curly pudding & bantu knot away! ... the results, however, weren't so pleasant. The curls didn't hold and sadly this style lasted only two days. 

Immediately after taking down the Bantu Knot. The curls were still wet and the Pantene Curly Pudding caused so much buildup in my hair. The flakes, which only existed in my natural hair looked gross.  For some reason, the curls this time came out way looser than last 

Day 2. The curls weren't defined enough for me to wear it down today. Not to mention, my hair was extremely dry & brittle. I managed to pull my hair back into this style, but when I took it down, I had to moisturize it with argan oil to bring back shine & manageability.

 I have to go to work tomorrow, so I did another bantu knot tonight... Results coming soon....