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Thursday, August 29, 2013

NEW STYLE!! + Marley Twists Review

I know it's been a while.. Please forgive me. College life has been kicking my butt and to be honest, I haven't been doing anything special to my hair since I have in my marley twists.

After having this twists for about 4 weeks, they are entirely ready to come out. I've had to re-do a few twists in the front since my natural hair was coming out and also to keep this hairstyle looking fresh. 

I'm going home this weekend and I plan to take out these twists tomorrow. My hair is so dirty and I can't wait to clean, moisturize it, and trim my ends. My new hair style that I will install on Saturday is called CROCHET BRAIDS!!! 


This style is so gorgeous & it seems so easy! I was inspired both by Rihanna and my numerous Youtube Gurus who's videos I will link below!! I plan on using Freetress weave to complete this look. 


1. Crochet needle
2. 2-3 packs of any weave (Freetress/ Marley/ etc.)
3. Patience :) 

I'm going to use a combination of these two videos to create my crochet braids! For my braid pattern, I plan to just corn roll my hair normally! 

I'll be posting the results soon! :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Marley Twists

When I first started the twist it was extremely difficult. The twists weren't looking anything like donedo5's so I became extremely discouraged. However, after some motivation, I decided to keep going & I'm extremely happy that I did. I ♥ them. Once you get the hang of twisting the hair, the whole process becomes a lot easier and faster. All in all, it probably took me about 5 hours to finish the style (it could be done quicker if you do it in one sitting, I took numerous breaks ;). 

I tried to follow donedo5's video to a T. However, here are some things that I changed up to fit my head & style.

♥ Used only 1 piece of marley hair for the bottom row of my hair for skinnier twists
♥ Used 2 pieces of marley hair mainly in the front of my head for the pretty thick look
♥ Unlike donedo5, I did not separate or thicken each strand of marley hair, when I did the twists came out without any definition & did not look like twists at all
♥ Only used the Eco Styler Gel to twist my hair (but I still have a few strays/ fly aways in a few twists)
♥ I parted my hair into for sections, deciding for my swoop bang to go to the left. 
♥ I did not dip the end in a pot of hot water to seal the ends, instead I securely twisted each strand all the way to the very bottom
♥ I bought 4 packs, but only used 3 & 1/2 packs (I have a lot of hair left over)
♥ When twisting my hair, I did not worry about twisting clockwise or counter clockwise after I realized that it doesn't really matter which direction you twist the strand in as long as the twist is secure
♥ Make sure the twists are really tight, you don't want them to fall out with a little tug (a few of them did for me if I pulled at them, meaning they were too loose.)
♥ IMPORTANT: If you start the twist with a strong hand, finish with a strong hand. If you ease up on your grip, the twist will have "bubbles" (irregular pieces on the twist that don't look like the rest of the twist, a bump in the road). I had to re-do so many twists because I kept forming bubbles that through off the entire twists
♥ When you get to the end of the twist, pull the twist or stretch it before you let go to prevent shrinkage and bubbles or chunkish. 

Overall, this was a really fun style. Next, I'm going to try crochet braids. I only plan to keep this protective style in for a month. September 7th, it's coming out!!! Maybe you guys could start expecting some videos soon. ;) 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Kayla w/ Marley Twists??!

Sorry, it's been a while. I leave for college in 5 days & I've been busy getting things together. Plus, I just finished work on Tuesday.

So, I'm going back to school & I need a new back to school look so I'm going to try MARLEY TWISTS! They are extremely cute and I feel like trying something different. If you aren't familiar with the look here are some pics:

I want my twists to look really thick and chunky! There are so many YouTube tutorials on this style, but of course, my favorite one is my donedo5! Subscribe to her channel!!!

I plan to start on them tonight! I just need to go out & buy the hair! I'm so excited.