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Thursday, August 29, 2013

NEW STYLE!! + Marley Twists Review

I know it's been a while.. Please forgive me. College life has been kicking my butt and to be honest, I haven't been doing anything special to my hair since I have in my marley twists.

After having this twists for about 4 weeks, they are entirely ready to come out. I've had to re-do a few twists in the front since my natural hair was coming out and also to keep this hairstyle looking fresh. 

I'm going home this weekend and I plan to take out these twists tomorrow. My hair is so dirty and I can't wait to clean, moisturize it, and trim my ends. My new hair style that I will install on Saturday is called CROCHET BRAIDS!!! 


This style is so gorgeous & it seems so easy! I was inspired both by Rihanna and my numerous Youtube Gurus who's videos I will link below!! I plan on using Freetress weave to complete this look. 


1. Crochet needle
2. 2-3 packs of any weave (Freetress/ Marley/ etc.)
3. Patience :) 

I'm going to use a combination of these two videos to create my crochet braids! For my braid pattern, I plan to just corn roll my hair normally! 

I'll be posting the results soon! :)

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