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Monday, September 9, 2013

crochet braids results! (finally!)

I'm so sorry that I forgot to post the results! :( ... But here they are. 

My first football game.. This is irrelevant but my hair is looking good lol! 

Braiding Pattern I used! Basic cornrows!
When I was about halfway done with the style! 
The Hair I used. FREETRESS BOHEMIAN  $5.99 at my beauty supply store. I used 2 packs of this hair. First, I cut the bundle of hair in half then next separated each strand for a much fuller/natural look. 


PRO'S & Con's

Pro: You can literally wake up, shake your hair out & go. The style is very versatile and you can achieve many looks with it. People say that it looks natural too. 

Cons:  Some of it actually fell out because I didn't secure my braided hair as best as I should have. Tip: Use weaving thread to insure that your cornrows don't unravel. The tips of the hair get frizzy & create puffballs. Tip: Cut them off ASAP! This style took me 3+ hours... Very time consuming! Getting the crochet needle technique down can be both complicated & tricky.

At the end of the day, I might do this hairstyle again & I hope that it lasts me for an entire month. Maybe longer?? Next time, I'll definitely add color 1b/33 among the black 1 and 1b mix. (1 in back. 1b in front. 

New Hairstyle coming soon... Stay tuned!!

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