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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I decided to record a little bit of footage yesterday, just for fun & plus, I was bored. I truly enjoy making videos so this may turn into an everyday/ weekly thing. I'm not sure yet where this road will take me.

Naturally Koily: Life Moments from Kayla Glass on Vimeo.
Starring *My nephew, JJ*

Wanna get to know me better? I usually tweet some pretty enlightening stuff (lol not really)

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So, my sister twisted up my hair for me while I was on Thanksgiving Break. I like the results and I'm also shocked that my hair was actually long enough to be twisted up. Here are some pics of the hair twisted:

(please don't mind my big ole forehead lol)
My sister said this wasn't a neat job, so it wasn't meant to be perfect. Also, she twisted it while it was dry and didn't add any extra oils while doing so.

I untwisted my hair after letting it sit for 8 hours. I untwisted it by unraveling the curl at the root instead of the ends which apparently creates frizz. 


I'm completely satisfied with the results. It looks pretty neat if you ask me. Hopefully, I'll learn to do this style myself. I actually attempted to do a couple, but it was hard to reach a few places on my head. Anywho, I'm excited for what's next.... Maybe color? Marley up-do? Braids? We'll see....

*Also, I placed a few pink/coral perm rods in the front of my hair to achieve a fuller look* 

I'll probably try co-washing & twisting my hair again tonight to see what it looks like on fresh hair. & Maybe a few videos will come w/ it..?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I've been thinking...and I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to talk about just hair anymore. There are so many other things happening in my life that I feel could be interesting (or not)to you, my audience. But mostly, I want to talk about other things because hair isn't the only thing in my life that should be documented. Hair shouldn't be the only reason I have to blog. I shouldn't give my hair so much power.

So yeah... I'm going to talk about other things like food, fashion, inspiration, whatever is on my mind. That okay? OK cool, I knew ya'll would understand me. Ya'll always do. ♥ Thanks for sticking around.. On another note, I have no idea who reads my posts anyway, it's not like anyone comments. I'm not even sure who my audience is, or even if I have a regular audience, but a part of me likes not knowing.. 

Anyway, there are a few things that have been on my mind this week, while I've been home for thanksgiving break.

This influenced some thoughts....

Soul Pancake & Robert Frost have changed the way I look at things. There is some room for growth & improvement in my life.