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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nails. I haven't done my nails in such a long time. I've been so busy with school that I just don't have the time nor energy to do them after a long day. But now that I'm on break from school, I figured I would give myself a manicure....As you can see below, it was long overdue. 

Actually, when I was younger, I thought I would become a nail technician. To say the least, I love doing nails and having my nails freshly polished makes me feel so much better. Our hands say so much about the person that we are. Whether rough or soft, short nails or long, painted nails or natural ones, our hands and nails can sometimes speak louder than words. 

Lately, I've been taking Hair, Skin, & Nails pills. Since then, I've actually noticed a difference in my nails. :) I just need to get better about taking them regularly. (sometimes I forget)

I plan to rock these festive nails for both Christmas & New Year's Eve! The purchased the nail polish for only 99 cents at my local beauty supply store. The brand is Klean Color.

happy holidays. (:

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