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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"twas the night before christmas"
not really into the christmas spirit that much this year. but here's how it's going down in the glass household. 
[decorations. food. etc.]

"don't ask me why i'm repping Southern lol"
pay more attention to the ornaments in the background hehehe

 mommy ♥


this year i've been volunteering  w/ hosea feed the hungry.
i never have seen so much chicken at one time in my whole life.
they had me pouring the chicken juice into buckets and pouring chicken into "lex pans". i had such a good time. volunteering feels so good.
although my back ached by the end of the night,to know that i'm cooking for someone less fortunate, makes it all worth it.

[ special shoutout to mary, aja, chef pete, and chef G who reminded me of my granddad. HOSEA♥ ]

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