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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So, I'm completely in love w/ this style. It totally reminds me of Jimmy Neutron, but in a good way! These coils are 1 day old in this picture. Next time, I'll take a picture of them while they're fresh and shiny!

For the front, I just twisted my hair and rolled up the twists w/ flat rods! I feel like I'll be wearing my hair like this for a good while. Maybe until the 2nd week in November. Then, it'll be time for something new :) 

i don't have many products that i use on my hair. scratch that, i barely have any... but i'm making the best out of what i've got! 
Sorry for the duck face lol ;*

Anyways, the products you see above are my essentials & ONLY hair care products! As you can see, I ♥ Shea Moisture!  & I just bought the Curl Enhancing Smoothie after watching the video below! It smells sooooo good ya'll! 

 I tried this style out today called "Finger Coils"! Pics coming soon! I kinda like it on me! I just need to perfect it :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Finally! I got my haircut on October 5th!!! 
So, before taking out my crochet braids, I wanted to see what the hair would look like if I straightened it. While, the packaging said the curls were easy to straighten out, I had a hard time getting the weave to be as straight as I wanted. Thus, I wouldn't recommend straightening the hair, it tends to look stiff, dead, and dull afterwards.


 Man, what did I get myself into?
Hmmm.. do I like it?
 Yeah.., I ♥ it!!

Okay, so today. On 10/20, I washed my hair... I literally don't know what to do w/ it! It's so short & I don't want to straighten it. My curl pattern isn't that defined & I'm just not use to the look on me yet... Here's a video. But tomorrow I'm going to Wal-MART & getting some products..To say the least, I wasn't ready. I thought this was going to  be easy, boy was I WRONG!! There's no such thing as wash n go! 

xoxo, until next time. which should be tomorrow.. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I am beyond ready to take these crochet braids out! They've lasted a long, stressful month. Right now, the curls are partially intact, but the hair has become more stiff. Check out the texture & non-existent bounce below!

SOOOO... In honor of my birthday [oct.7th] & it being a new month, I'm ready to try a new style on my hair!

I'm going for a short, burgundy plum pixie cut! I plan to get it done this Saturday at a local salon here in Athens. I was inspired by ShamelessMaya on Youtube. Check her out!! 



Hopefully, it'll look good on me & I'm beyond excited to see the results!

*fingers crossed* I'll post a video of the process!! :)
This should be fun. Here's to new beginnings!