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Sunday, April 6, 2014

I've been missing for a while and sorry is the only word that immediately comes to mind. I've been neglecting this blog... While, I haven't done it purposefully, I still feel bad that I've neglected something that I told myself I'd devote a lot of my time to. But whatever, we all fall short sometimes.. What's important is that we rise after we fall... This is me trying to rise.

A lot has been going on lately, (I'm not using these things as excuses, I just feel the need to share them, that's all). First and foremost, I'm transferring to Howard University in the fall! I was recently accepted and I could not be more excited to start this new chapter in my life. Next, I applied for an internship in California this summer with Breakthrough. Although, I'm not sure if I'll be offered the position yet, I'm being considered at 2 sites, one in Oakland and another one in San Franciso. Idk if I ever told ya'll but my sister lives in Cali! For this reason, I'm really looking forward to summer. 

I dream a lot. It keeps me sane. I have so many goals & I want to accomplish them all... What's occurred to me lately is that I don't have to wait to begin my goals.. I don't have to wait for a degree or experience. I have to make my own qualifications, and I don;t need to commit myself to a timeline I didn't create. Society says you dont really start your business, fulfill your goals until you graduate for college. FORGET THAT! I'm gonna start now!

I went to church for the first time while being in Athens today. It was nice. I had communion. My friend Jackie accompanied me. It was a methodist church & for some reason it all felt so natural. I haven't been to a church like that in a long while. I used to go to a methodist church when I was younger... until, we suddenly just stopped. Not sure why... Now my family attends a mini megachurch... *shrugs* I;ve said all this to say that you have to do what's right for you. I don't like the mini megachurch we go to. It feels forced. 

I bought some shirts from Forever 21 today. I'm revamping my wardrobe. I watched a video on Youtube by Beautycrush about creating your personal style. Her advice was to start with the basics (black & white) then add accessories on top. I'm definitely taking her advice. I feel like my clothes are so kiddy... I'm about to be 20 years old, but I have the style of a 17 year old. Maybe it's because I'm maturing that i feel like my clothes just aren't me anymore. Although, I don't have the money to completely start over from scratch. I'm gonna start small by collecting simple pieces..  'staple pieces'.
I've always been really afraid to give away clothes because I thought I would eventually need them. But now, I'm at the stage whereas I don't want to collect items I don't ever wear.. Letting it go. Bye clothes and everything else I have no use for.

I want to start wearing my contacts, I'm gonna buy some glasses soon.. I wanna try a winged eye look but I need a liquid eyeliner pencil to achieve that look haha. I want to wear a nude lip and try new makeup looks... When I go home, I;m gonna buy some, perfect my craft and play with my face. Experiment with eyeshadows, concealers, eye brow looks, etc.

I'm getting booty braids for the summer.. I need to keep my hands out of my hair. I'm excited to do styles with em and maybe take OOTD! In the meantime, i'm just gonna rock an afro. no twist-out. Lately, I've been finding jeans that make my butt look really good. For all those who don't know I dont have a butt. It's so 1-D. hehe but these jeans making it look 3-D! FTW!!

anywayz, that's all that;s been up. love ya. watch me rise.

wanna see the clothes i got from F21? Here ya go. ♥ (starting small)
Product ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct Image

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